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T. One of them is there are several existing software packages with effective implementation of AHP. DA methods are used to review and assess value tradeoffs and identify the best alternative(s) from a group of policy options[1,2]. This step incorporates both uncertainty of weights and uncertainty of criterion values/scores (section 5), and reflects the reality of uncertainties in any decision problem. Decerns Framework for MCDABased on the Decernsframework, a desktop system (cross-platform software) DecernsMCDAfor multicriteria analysis of various scientific and practical problems on choosing, ranking, and sorting alternatives with the possibility to implement different MCDA methods has been developed (section 5).4. Students from the Information Systems department gave the opposite results: about 40% of students prefer MAVT/MAUT, 30% -FMAVT/FMAA/ProMAA, 15% PROMETHEE, and 15% - TOPSIS and AHP. Nemery and P. Partial value functions were considered as linear for distance-criteria C7,C8, and site quality criterion C10. Yatsalo, et al.Fig.6.DecernsMCDA: weighting criteria using swing method.Fig.7. R.H.

The evaluation of all alternatives with the MAVT analysis demonstrated a superiority of the alternative A5with alternative A4ranked slightly lower. Sabio, Dominance intensity measure within fuzzy weight oriented MAUT: An application,Omega,41(2) (2013) 397-405.55. Functions of PostGIS (GIS extension of PostgreSQL) are used to perform some spatial operations (buffering and overlay of vector layers).The following main technologies were used for SDSS development: Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP),Fig.2. Open Source MCDM Macro for (in Newsletter, Series 3, No. The users can analyze graphical and tabular representations of the output results for subsequent decision-making. Hearn, D. B.

Zhang, A.J. B. In our case, these are methods wheredistributed values and, correspondingly,probabilistic methods or fuzzy sets, are not used.5.1.1. Decerns Framework for MCDAFig.9.DecernsMCDA: value function sensitivity analysis: right hand picture Initial ranking,left picture ranking according to changed partial value function(s).Fig.10. Kumar, Criteria Analysis Aiding Portfolio Selection Using Dematel,Procedia Engineering,38(2012) 3649-3661. The profiles respect the following condition Co-published by Atlantis Press and Taylor & FrancisCopyright: the authors476Downloaded by [UJA University of Jaen], [Professor Martinez Lopez] at 11:39 10 March 2015 . ProMAA (Probabilistic Multi-criteria Accept-ability Analysis) Despite extensive use of the expected utility concept (in MAUT, and, indirectly and implicitly, using mean criterion values and weights in MAVT), its application is not the only approach within decision analysis, and other approaches which do not use expected utility methods have been developed and implemented[29,30].ProMAA[56]is based on the modification ofadditive MAVT/MAUT models with transition to the acceptability concept. Otaghsara, M.

IRIS 1.0 (Interactive Robustness analysis and parameters' Inference for multicriteria Sorting Version 1.0) (in Newsletter, Series 3, No. Jalao and T. Spatial Decision Support Systems: a research agenda, in Proceedings of GIS/LIS89(Orlando, FL, 1989), pp.706-716.11. K. B.Yatsalo, T.Sullivan, V.Didenko, S.Gritsyuk, O.Mirzeabasov, I.Pichugina and I.Linkov, Environmental risk management with the use of multi-criteria spatial decision support system DECERNS, International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management,16(4) (2012) 175-198.27. Rinner, Web-based Spatial Decision Support: Status and Research Directions, Journal of Geographic Information and Decision Analysis, 7(1) (2003) 14-31.20. Herrera and L. The FMAVT model is intended for imprecision treatment when solving multicriteria problems with the use of the value function concept.Within FMAVT, the additive model (2) is used, where criterion values aij, scores Vj(aij), and weights wjare considered as fuzzy numbers,i=1,,n,j=1,,m;partial value functions Vj(x) are the usual/crisp functions. Sadiq, K.A. Y.J. f704e81fec
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